Grandpa Gift Retro Pocket Watch “THE GREATEST Grandpa” Christmas day Father’s day Gift

This pocket watch was just as advertised as the picture. It was given to grandfather as a gift on birthday and Christmas day, and grandpa will love it! If you need to make the order a rush order, in case please place the order 5 days in advance. It will be sent out from US warehouse, and no worries you will get a tracking number as soon as possible in 2 days.

The pocket watch is made from alloy material and bronze finished. It has a precision Japanese quartz movement and a 377A battery which will last at least 2 years.

  •  Tips: How to use quartz pocket watch?

To set time, pull the crown away from base of the watch and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time. Then pull the crown down to let the time run.

To replace the battery, use a nail file to pry the back off near the stem (winder). And a toothpick to pop out the battery.

Same style pocket watch for Dad:

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