Men’s Open Face Solid Copper Hand Wind Mechanical Pocket Watch

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect Birthday or Christmas day gift for men, brother, son, dad and grandpa. But look no hesitate, a mechanical  pocket watch is certainly the prefect present.

A collection of pocket watches that can be an Every Day Carry time piece to your love. A pocket watch is a gift that he will treasure for many years and use every day. As the time goes on, it will be his constant companion over time. Not only it is the symbolic of the heartbeat at present, but also the hope in the future.

This is a open face pocket watch, full copper with glass face and comes with copper chain. Once you hold it on hand, you can feel this one is much heavier than other cheap pocket watches. Because it uses solid copper rather than alloy, and glass window rather than hard resin.

Generally, both of the quartz movement and mechanical movement have their own advantages. Quartz movement is precision on time. In contrast, mechanical movement may run faster or slower few seconds in 24 hours. Users must adjust and wind it every day. But the hand wind mechanical pocket watch is just like a pure soul from steampunk time that keeps a pure land of mechanical design in a small round space in the age of electron, I think that is the reason why it still be loved by most of us.

  • Tips of how to use a mechanical watch:

-Setting time: Gently pull the crown away from base of the watch and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time, then press the button.

-Winding: Push the crown back into place along the base, turn the crown clockwise until it is full (15-20 hands) till you feel tight, if the winding is tight, please immediately stop the spinning to avoid to damage the movement.

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